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John Mayer’s existing unmarried “New digestible” may be a success — attaining No. 7 on Billboard’s Awesome stone music data — but as indicated by insiders, he’s nevertheless an enormous skip among single A-listers.

“i’d determine women in Entertainment to keep away from your,” said one celeb publicist. “He’s manipulative. They have a credibility . . . also it’s safer to training caution working with anyone whom kisses and tells.”

Definitely Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston would think. Both people out dated the crooner, now 40, simply to generally be publicly used as he consequently explained the media concerning their commitments.

“we don’t assume that’s a honorable move to make and I also assume it is hurtful,” stated the publicist. “I’m yes women can be most cautious after looking at exactly what he’s performed.”

Despite all of that going on a short while ago, Mayer’s recently been on a sheepish apology tour lately, crying on his brand new single that he’s “pushing 40 when you look at the friend sector,” and lamenting to buddy Andy Cohen on a recent bout of Bravo’s “Watch what the results are alive” that he’s image non grata among the list of Hollywood professional.

“You need a lot of good friends that, without we, require nothing to do with myself,” Mayer thought to Cohen. “You’re partners with Jennifer Lawrence, which only does not want anything to accomplish with me at night. Hunt, we don’t have the world’s biggest track record in the case of famous person interaction . . .

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer in WireImage

“Dating John Mayer here is conceptually just type of a bad idea,” Mayer continued, for the third people.

The vocalist has only themselves saying thanks to for his own less-than-glowing profile.

In a March 2010 interview with Playboy, the man dished that Simpson, who the guy dated from got “like crack cocaine in my opinion.”

“Sexually it was ridiculous,” this individual told the mag of Simpson (via Billboard). “It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Do you actually claim, ‘i do want to stop smoking my life and simply f–kin’ snort your? If you should recharged me $10,000 to f–k you, I would begin promoting all your s–t merely to keep on f–king a person.’”

“She determine simple interest in development as courting disruption,” Mayer advised Playboy. “And I always believed, ‘These include latest rules.’ ”

Couple of years after, Mayer nonetheless hadn’t knew his own teaching, telling moving rock in June 2012 that Taylor Swift’s unmarried “Dear John” was “cheap songwriting.”

“It’s harming the gift to scrub your hands with each other and move, ‘Wait till they gets a lot of that!’ ” explained Mayer, exactly who outdated Immediate briefly. “That’s bulls – – t.”

Yet another year, the man typed “Paper Doll,” fundamentally about Swift.

No doubt, Mayer’s good looks and sweet speech managed to get feasible for numerous girls to forget about his large teeth.

“the guy regularly bring his girlfriends to GoldBar — contains Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson. To the away evenings which he came in alone, the man never ever leftover solo,” publicist for any ny hotspot, Steve Kasuba, assured The Document.

But after his back-to-back Playboy and Rolling material meeting faux pas, Mayer made an effort to hightail it from your spotlight — went in terms of to transfer to Montana. He’s been visiting with dry & service, the most recent version of the pleasant dry. Though the shine keeps accompanied him, as stated in tunes associates.

“I recognize a widely known specialist which was discussing their own job and shouted aside: ‘we don’t desire to turn into John Mayer! Hunt how it happened to him. He’d to get join the Grateful inactive since he discussed excessive about all his or her well-known girlfriends,’ ” recalled one tunes bigwig.

“They ended raving about their music and moving referring to his or her track record and ex-girlfriends and personal being. That’s a criminal activity if you’re a musician.”

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