Interview: Emmy-Winner Hunter King from “A Woman Like The Woman”


A woman Like Her follows the storyline of Jessica, her to attempted suicide as we explore how constant bullying, specifically from Avery (Hunter King), leads. It can take a glance at bullying into the digital age, bullying as a bi-product of punishment, plus the inadequacy associated with the college officials to safeguard the youngsters. We had been in a position to ask Emmy-winner Hunter King several questions regarding her very own experiences with bullying.

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Jon Espino: this can be a docudrama, that will be to say this is a movie shot documentary-style, yet not about any real, current individual. In your experience, exactly just how near could it be to your everyday battle of these dealing with bullying for a basis that is daily?

Hunter King: This film is quite accurate when you look at the real means it portrays what folks being bullied undergo. People encounter bullying in every kinds and all amounts. Some experience it simply like Jessica–some more serious, some never as bad.

JE: Do the film is thought by you over-brutalizes the knowledge or could it have endured to get further?

HK: This movie shows exactly how cruel bullies can be. The bullying not merely occurs in school, but in addition on social media marketing which great deal of individuals cope with besides.

JE: We see Jessica getting harassed and bullied on nearly every solitary kind of social news and technology. Do you believe all our advances in technology within the past twenty years are making it easier for individuals to bully each other, often even anonymously?

HK: Even though social media marketing could be a way that is great relate genuinely to buddies online, many people have a tendency to abuse it. When individuals are behind the pc display screen, they begin to have false feeling of confidence and saying no matter what they feel. They have a tendency to forget that a real individual is on one other part of these feedback and will easily be hurt in what they’ve been saying.

JE: maybe you have been a victim, or understand some body, that has been bullied either actually, verbally, mentally if not digitally?

HK: I became bullied a tiny bit in highschool plus it actually affected me personally. Highschool has already been a delicate time for kids themselves and find out who they really are because they’re just starting to discover. Now bullies that are adding this may in change have deep affects on somebody. Anybody going right through this, my advice would be to confide in your family and friends through it alone so you don’t have to go.

JE: How do you consider people experiencing it or witnessing should respond?

HK: although it seems so very hard, try to ignore the bullies. Bullies have a tendency to desire a reaction, so the more you ignore them, the greater amount of annoyed they are going to hopefully get a end. Simply keep being true to your self and maintain your mind held high.

JE: This movie is heavily dedicated to the perspective that is female experience. Do you consider there is certainly male bullying to your extreme that is same?

HK: It’s hard to express (since I’m not a man) if bullying is this bad I would assume that in most cases (not all) girls tend to be more catty between them, but.

JE: Why do you believe that is?

HK: Girls are generally jealous of just one another instead of be delighted for every other and improve each other up. It’s so unfortunate to witness this occurring but ideally girls one day begins spreading more positivity. Us girls gotta stick together!

JE: the movie appeared to shift through the target, Jessica, towards the bully, Avery, so that they can convince us that Avery by herself has also been a target in her own respects. I could see individuals being upset relating to this change, specially individuals who have been bullied like Jessica ended up being. You think their anger could be justified?

HK: i do believe that when the viewers watches the film they’re going to rather be more understanding then upset with where in actuality the movie takes us. What I’ve discovered is hurt individuals, hurt individuals. I’ve additionally discovered that we should not judge somebody because everybody is fighting their very own battle that individuals don’t realize about. And even though individuals may think they understand Avery at the start of the film, they’ll be astonished but exactly just how complex her character is.

JE: Seeking help and apologizing are a good begin, but you think Avery also needs to be punished or built to make amends on her actions? If that’s the case, just just what you think could be simply?

HK: Apology is just a great spot to start once you feel just like you’ve been the bully to somebody. But i actually do feel just like individuals who are like Avery want to face some type of punishment for his or her actions. I’m uncertain exactly what the right punishment is but i might think one thing such as offering straight back. Possibly get volunteer their some time observe how to cope with stress or pain inside their life the way that is right then putting it on to other people. Often the way that is best to deal with being hurt, would be to assist other people. Whenever I’m sad or down about one thing, i enjoy assist others as it makes me personally feel a lot better knowing I’m concentrating my power into one thing good.

JE: many months worth of bullying ended up being recorded by Jessica, and Brian wanted to inform somebody in authority, but was sworn to privacy. Do you consider Brian need to have told some body, once you understand their friend that is best had been bullied?

HK: I understand why Brian didn’t like to opposed to their friends wants however it’s difficult to state what I think he should’ve done without getting in this sort of situation myself. I believe if anybody is certainly going through something like this, they need to always share it by having buddy, and a moms and dad or counselor. Not only can they will have helpful advice with how exactly to deal with it, they are able to probably assist you to and place a stop to it.

JE: you think people should forego the “snitch” stigma in circumstances similar to this?

HK: i need to acknowledge, whenever I had been viewing the film we kept wishing Brian would inform somebody so Jessica could easily get assistance.

JE: exactly exactly What advice are you experiencing for some body dealing with this case, or even for the friend of somebody going right on through this?

HK: for anybody going right through this, remember not to allow views among these bullies change who you really are. Only concentrate on the viewpoints of the whom really worry in regards to you, and the ones that do, won’t have actually any such thing negative to state. We vow the bullying will minimize as well as that point you will be therefore strong, therefore much further in life as a result of your positivity. Constantly spread and understand that individuals love you for who you really are. Therefore cliche but… Forget the haters. Exist to your fullest and don’t let anybody stop you.

A lady Like Her hits theaters March 27th.

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